View a virtual tour from your industry.
Want a virtual tour for your facility?
Bontri tours have more high definition images per facility than any other tour. More images gives the viewer a totally immersive experience, while our high definition images let users view the tour in larger windows without pixilation.
Click on the "Full Screen" button on each of our tours and immerse yourself in full screen spherical panoramas unlike anything youíve seen before. Warning! Full Screen HD images may induce motion sickness!
Bontri uses spherical images enabling a 360 x 360 visible area. Use your mouse to look all the way up and down, not to mention all around. This feature is ideal for anyone with vaulted ceilings.
Bontri tours run in Flash instead of Java. Flash is more stable and compatible with nearly any machine. No more frustrating tours that donít work.
Navigate through the building with connecting arrows embedded in the images. When users click on an arrow, they literally "walk through" to the next shot. The close proximity of the shots allows users to see where they are going from where they are coming from.
Make your tour your own. Help us custom design a skin with your own layout, logo and links to online resources. No one wants a tour that looks like everyone elseís.